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Gespräche zur Gegenwartskunst
[POISONED RELATIONS Talks on Contemporary Art]

Art that aims at the present inevitably has to do with the sometimes rather poisoned relations of art, politics, and society. Against this background, the talks explore the early entanglements of documenta, but they also pose the question of how contemporary art positions itself in today's world of global conflict. What can and should art do in the face of pandemic and war?

Public discussion series in German language (unless otherwise indicated)

Organizer: documenta Institut and TRACES

Tuesdays 18:00 - 19:00

traces research station, Lutherplatz (Access next to Mauerstraße 11), 34117 Kassel


3. May 2022                  Julia Voss & Heinz Bude

10. May 2022                 Anselm Doering-Manteuffel & Heinz Bude

17. Mai 2022                 Klaus Holz & Heinz Bude

31. Mai 2022                 Carlo Gentile, Vincenza Benedettino & Maria Neumann

07. Juni 2022                Tamara Bodden

14. Juni 2022                Maria Neumann & Claudia C. Gatzka

21. Juni 2022                Natan Sznaider, René Aguigah & Heinz Bude

28. Juni 2022                Claus Leggewie, Daniel Cohn-Bendit & Heinz Bude

Der Streit zwischen Erinnerung und Gedächtnis [The dispute between memory and remembrance]


5. Juli 2022                   Aladin El-Mafaalani & Heinz Bude

Das Integrationsparadox [The integration paradox]


19. Juli 2022                 Andreas Reckwitz & Heinz Bude (17:00 Uhr)

Verlusterfahrungen in spätmodernen Gesellschaften [Experiences of loss in late modern societies]


23. August 2022           Robert Misik & Heinz Bude

Linke Kunst [Left art]


30. August 2022           Bazon Brock & Heinz Bude

Kunst als das Andere der Kultur [Art as the Other of Culture]


13. September 2022     David van Reybrouck & Heinz Bude

Indonesien und die Geburt der globalen Moderne [Indonesia and the birth of global Modernism]


20. September 2022     Nanne Buurman

Hegemonien des Heilens, or: documenta as a Haunted House [Hegemonies of healing]

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