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13 – 14 July, 10:00 – 18:00
The biggest rice barn in the world

14 July, 19:00 

Lumbung. A Retroactive Blueprint

The exhibition Lumbung. A Retroactive Blueprint considers the city as a form of documenta fifteen and explores how elements of the city become part of the material architecture of the exhibition as perceptual environment, display, or resource.

The point of departure for the presentation is the term lumbung, central to documenta fifteen, which, as the name of a rice barn, stands metaphorically for principles such as collectivity, distributive justice, collaboration, and participation. How documenta fifteen is located in Kassel and in what way the exhibition concept captured in the term lumbung becomes spatially manifest in the city is the initial question of the workshop The largest rice barn in the world with students from the Institute of Architecture at the University of Kassel. They investigate how the concept of lumbung conditions the architecture of the exhibition on the scale of the city. The now subsequently undertaken attempt to capture the exhibition in a fragmentary and multimedia plan understands the examination of the exhibition as a kind of construction research on the elements of the largest rice barn in the world. Research results compiled on site by the students and various forms of documentation developed together here create an architectural model of documenta fifteen in the TRACES research station. The goal of the modeling of the exhibition is to visualize the shape of the exhibition as a configuration of buildings and places that operates with as well as against certain notions of city and society, exhibition space and exhibition audience. 

The workshop (July 13–14, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.) is part of an ongoing course offered by the Department of Architectural Theory and Design and can be attended as a public format. The results will be presented in the process-generated exhibition on July 14, 19:00.

traces research station
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