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Caminos del Oro (Paths of Gold)

30. June 2022

Preview of Alejandro Ramírez’ documentary "Caminos del Oro” followed by a conversation between the film maker and Dr. Hannes Warnecke-Berger (University of Kassel,
Moderated by Prof. Dr. Mi You, translated by Dr. Rebeca Ramos Padrón (University of Kassel, CALAS).

Gold travels a long journey: from the depths of the earth as a raw material to the underground vaults that house the reserves of major economies. Transformed into dazzling ingots laden with the symbolism of power, wealth, and its near-useless existence, gold also displays with shameless extroversion deep socioeconomic inequalities, political instability, and violent conflict. This is the reality of the brutal exploitation of nature and of the extractive activity in the globalized Southern Hemisphere, a reality that in Latin America continues to mark the historical path of inequality and uncertain futures that are increasingly indeterminate. 

With the documentary "Caminos del Oro", Alejandro Ramírez (Latin American documentary filmmaker) presents with a precise and aesthetically daring gaze the multiple complexities of the extraction of raw materials: the unjust, violent, unsustainable and absurd path of gold. 

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