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Working on structures: practice-based research in documenta and exhibition studies 

04 – 06. November 2022


Conception: Peggy Buth, Nanne Buurman, Alexis Joachimides, Dierk Schmidt
In Cooperation with Nora Sternfeld

Exhibitions are not only the subject of scholarly research, but also places where knowledge is created and reproduced through artistic and curatorial means.

Based on these considerations, the conference Work on Structures takes a look at the conditions, possibilities, and effects of practice-based forms of knowledge, including scientific research. The potentials of artistic and practice-based research approaches play a central role in the context of the Kunsthochschule Kassel and the documenta as places of education, study and exhibition of contemporary art.

Titled Art - Research - Practice - documenta, four sub-projects worked from 2020-2022, focussed on the themes cyberfeminism, Nazi continuities in the art world, image conceptions of climate change in the Arctic, and the promotion of young artists. The conference will present the work of the projects and discuss who creates what knowledge under what conditions and with what political implications. It will also shed light on which power relations are reproduced or changed in the process, how understanding and cooperation are possible beyond departmental and institutional boundaries, and what forms of exchange can be achieved across the participating academic and exhibiting institutions.


FRIDAY, 4.11.22


SATURDAY, 5.11.22

9:00 – 12:30 Uhr
We don’t die, we multiply. Institutional and Artistic Methods of Sustaining Temporary, Ephemeral, and Project-Based Practices Using Cyberfeminism as an Example
Moderation: Cornelia Sollfrank & Malin Kuht
With: Dušan Barok, Birgitta Coers, et al.

14:00 – 15:30 Uhr
How Can We Lean Something that Doesn’t Exist Yet?
Nora Sternfeld in conversation with Clementine Deliss et al.

16:00 – 19:30 Uhr
Haunting Infrastructures. Scholarly, Artistic and Curatorial Research on Nazi Continuities in Art and Culture Moderation: Nanne Buurman & Alexis Joachimides
With: Julia Alfandari, Henrike Naumann, Judith Raum, et al.

SUNDAY, 6.11.22

9:00 – 12:30 Uhr
The Division of the Earth - Pictorial Theses on Climate Change in the Arctic and the "Right to Cold" - A Student Project on Artistic Research, the Construction of Images and Their Relationship to Science
Moderation: Dierk Schmidt 
With: Todde Kemmerich, Stephan Mörsch, Antje Neumann

14:00 – 17:30 Uhr
Reconfiguration, Transfer and Visibility - Artistic Research as a Strategy of Knowledge Generation and Knowledge Transmission
Moderation: Peggy Buth
With: Sabeth Buchmann, Hans D. Christ, Till Gathmann, Dominique Hurth

Organised by TRACES - Transdisciplinary Research Center for Exhibition Studies

Lecture Hall of the Kassel University of the Arts, Menzelstr. 13 (Nordbau), 34121 Kassel

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