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Open history workshop on Nazi continuities in the documenta

22.–29. August 2022

Cultural scientist Mirl Redmann as guest at the TRACES research station

daily 16:00–20:00

In an open history workshop, Mirl Redmann will make publicly available the data she has been researching since 2018 on the documenta organizers’ Nazi past. She will work on site to make biographical links between individuals and institutions visible. The dimensions of potential Nazi continuities in the context of documenta will thus be made clear. Everyone who is interested in exchange is welcome. If you wish, your reactions and food for thought on the complex of topics can be recorded.

Mirl Redmann has been pursuing research on the Nazi biographies of documenta organizers since 2018, as part of a doctoral thesis on the internationalization of documenta. This has been in the making since 2014 as part of the Swiss National Science Foundation-funded project "OTHER MODERNITIES - Patrimony and Practices of Visual Expression Outside the West" at the University of Geneva. Redmann is a mediator for the Gesellschaft der Neuen Auftraggeber in Kassel, where she has lived and worked as a freelance art mediator and writer since 2017. Aspects of her research on the Nazi biographies of the documenta organizers were published academically for the first time in 2020 as part 9 of the publication series "documenta-Studien" and in the catalog of the exhibition "documenta: Politics and Art" of the German Historical Museum Berlin (2021/22). Further publications and projects on this topic are in preparation, for example Redmann invites to a collective onion chopping and crying after Günter Grass, in the PAKGHOR kitchen of the Britto Arts Trust at the Gustav Mahler staircase next to the documenta Halle (August 30, 2022 from 12:00-15:00).

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